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do you have a room that needs a certain burst of color? 

i would be honored to create a piece of art just for you.

these will be highly bespoke original artworks that will be added to

my portfolio but not be available for print purchase. 
















The general process is as follows:

1. please contact me through the form below and provide an idea of the preferred canvas size, colors, style and overall vibe you are after. there will be a 25 % deposit upfront for all commission clients. the current lead time is four weeks.


2. once the size and price has been confirmed by you, i will then put together a color palette i am planning on using for you. i advise starting with three colors and then putting your trust in me to choose more if i think they would elevate the piece. eventually, i love it when clients put their trust in me, have a little patience and let me do my own thing. that’s usually when i find the most success in my work, because it comes through personal inspiration in the moment.

3. i won’t be able to provide an accurate time of when it will be completed by, only an indication. for example, larger works can take up to 1 month, smaller pieces can be completed in two weeks. however this depends on multiple factors. if you need the painting in a specific timeframe, please let me know in advance.


4. Once shipped, i will e-mail you photographs and provide tracking.

thank you for your trust and support!




Pricing for a few typical sizes:

(depends on material & medium)


ca. 60 x 80 cm: starting from 350 € 


ca. 100 x 120 cm:  starting from 500 €


ca. 100 x 160 cm: starting from 850 €


ca. 160 x 190 cm: starting from 1050 €



thank you!

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